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Emily Yount

2014-2015 Keegan Traveling Fellow

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the fellowship or my travels! I would love to connect with you.

You can use the form below to contact me with questions or to request a time to call or Skype in order to discuss my fellowship more in depth. Before doing so, please read the FAQ's at the bottom of the page to see if your question has already been answered. Provide as much information as possible about yourself and how you found out about my fellowship in the message section.

Hopefully I will be able to respond to your message promptly, but because I will be traveling a great deal over the next year, please excuse any delays in response.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. Check these to see if your question is already answered below before sending your message!

What cities will you be visiting?

For the sake of security for the organizations and survivors that I will be meeting and working with, I am not able to provide specific cities to which I will be traveling beforehand. Some of my blog posts after I have visited a country may describe the city where I stayed, depending on security concerns. Thank you for understanding.

Which specific facilities will you be working with?

For the sake of security for the survivors I will be meeting during my fellowship, I cannot at this time reveal the specific organizations here. I will feature organizations that have given permission to be named at times, but my priority is security for those working hard to make change in the area of sexual exploitation.

Is there any way I can support you during your time abroad?

Yes! I'm so excited that you want to partner with me during this year. One way you can support me is by sharing this blog with your friends and family so that more people can learn about these issues. Encouraging comments and messages are also always welcome! If you have any contacts internationally, please connect me! Any lead can really help in my pursuit to understand this topic.

How can I find out more about the fellowship?

If you are interested in my specific project, follow the link "Project and Itinerary" at the top of this page. If you would like to know about past fellows or the program in general, please click "About the Fellowship."

Are you willing to write a post for a magazine, newspaper, or other blog?

Absolutely! I am always happy to write a guest piece for those who would like my perspective. I do ask that the piece links to my blog, and that I would be allowed to repost the article on my own blog. Contact me to discuss this further.

What will be the finished product of this project?

In terms of the fellowship, the finished product is me. However, I plan to use what I have learned in a few ways. First of all, the summer after my fellowship is completed, I will be writing a formal summary of my reflections and findings. If you are interested in receiving this summary, please let me know. In addition to this, I plan to use these conclusions as a starting point for a future Masters or PhD thesis. Who knows, maybe I will write a book! Don't worry, though, my blog followers will be the first to know if this happens.