Here is where I would like to thank the people who have been so supportive to me throughout this fellowship. This year of learning and growth would not have been possible without many people's sacrifical help - too many to list all of them here.

A special thanks in particular, though, to:


Mr. Keegan, thank you so much for your generosity in funding this fellowship for the past decade. I am so grateful that you see the value of international experience in the development of leaders. Because of your commitment to this fellowship, I am able to pursue an experience that I thought was only a dream. I can assure you that your investment will go far in my future career of working with women who have experienced trauma and violence.


2014 Selection Committee and Keegan Alumni, I am so grateful for your selection of me as one of two recipients of this fellowship. I am honored that you have faith in me to represent Vanderbilt and the fellowship well. It was so encouraging to know that such an esteemed group of people caught on to my passion for this work. Thank you, also, to all of the alumni of the fellowship who have contributed financially this year to allow both David Sanchez and myself to pursue this opportunity. I am particularly grateful to those of you who have taken the time to meet with me in person to encourage me during this exciting, but overwhelming time.


God, you have been the most important part of my life since I made the decision to pursue a relationship with you for myself. Since then, you have taken me on an incredible journey that I wouldn't change for anything. You have told me that this fellowship is the next step in a calling over my entire life, and that gives me so much peace as I step into the unknown. I am so thankful for your guidance and your presence throughout my entire life, but especially during this time.

Mom and Dad, thank you for supporting my decision to do something this year that takes me far away from you. I know that it is your job as parents to be concerned for my safety, but I am so honored that you both have such faith in me to be wise and careful. You have always encouraged me to pursue whatever I feel is my calling in life (even back when that was changing on a nearly monthly basis), and I could not begin this adventure with such confidence if it weren't for you. You raised me to be the type of person who is ready for a challenge, and I am grateful for your support during this current one.


Ryan, thank you for your constant love. You believed I would receive this fellowship when I thought there wasn't the slightest chance. When I was concerned about what this fellowship would mean for our relationship, you were completely sure that we would make it through. Thank you for being someone who always encourages me to follow my dream, even when it might be the more difficult path. I'm excited for the adventure you are on this year, and I can't wait to be reunited on the other side of this - both of us changed for the better.


Bryanna, you rode the emotional roller coaster with me after receiving this fellowship, and I am so grateful for that. You always listen to me with such understanding and support. I couldn't have made this huge decision without your support. Thank you for your commitment to our friendship in the past - I have no doubt that you will remain a steadfast friend for life.


Thank you, also, to all of the other friends, mentors, and acquaintances who have encouraged me to pursue this dream. I have felt so very supported over this season. You give me the courage to do something that seems very scary.


Thank you to everyone who contributed financially to help cover the additional costs of my fellowship beyond the stipend amount. This would be impossible without your generosity.


Thank you to my amazing hosts all around the world. You are so generous to open up your home to me, making me feel welcome and safe as I constantly relocate this year.


Finally, I want to thank all of the individuals and organizations who have been willing to meet with me during this time. Without you, I couldn't meet any of the goals of my fellowship. I know that you and your organizations are extremely busy with very important work, so I am forever grateful that you saw the importance of this fellowship and chose to sacrifice some of your precious time.