Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"What's in your suitcase?" Wednesday: Cabeau Evolution Pillow

During the week that I've kept you in the dark in terms of blog posts, I have been preparing for, embarking on, and recovering from a voyage all the way from Rome, Italy to Athens, Greece. This journey involved a 4 hour train ride, a 15 hour boat ride, a 2 hour bus trip, a 1 hour train ride, and a 40 minute metro ride. All with my life for the next nine months in hand. If you do the math, you will notice that the total travel time exceeds 20 hours - and that's not including layovers. With layovers, I was somewhere between Rome and Athens for a total of 36 hours. I couldn't have done it without this trusty pillow you see to the left.

I've always been skeptical about neck pillows. They rarely perfomed their intended function - helping me get better sleep while in a seated position. After getting the Cabeau Evolution Pillow, I now know that is because most neck pillows are made completely wrong! If you plan to do any overnight traveling in your future, I highly recommend this pillow to you.

Here are the things I love about this neck pillow:

  • It's made of memory foam, so you can fold it however is most comfortable for your needs
  • The pillow can clip in the front so that your head is supported on all sides
  • It has a pocket for a phone or valuables on the side
  • It came with free ear plugs!
  • The sides of the pillow are raised so that it actually supports your neck
  • It's compact (see below)


I know I normally list other options for similar items, but really nothing compares to this guy. You can buy it here for $39.99 (the orange one is 25% off right now). I know that's a steep price, but it really has been completely worth it to me. I've been able to sleep comfortably on planes, trains, and boats with this miraculous pillow, and I have never been able to say that in my life about a travel neck pillow. It even straps easily onto the outside of my luggage so as to take up no extra space!


An update about my current location, Greece, is coming very very soon! Thanks for your patience as I've recovered from a whirlwind of traveling.


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