Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"What's in your suitcase?" Wednesday: Circle Scarf

Introducing the best thing you could ever ever buy from American Apparel:


The Unisex Circle Scarf!

Seriously, this thing is amazing. I have had multiple occasions that I've been glad to have it here - for multiple different reasons. Let me explain.

Infinity scarves are in right now, and this comfy fabric has been wonderful to keep me warm on multiple bike rides on brisk evenings.

Looks like an average scarf, right? Well, check out this magic:

Cool, right?! Because it's so big, it can be used as a towel or blanket. Because it's so lightweight (or as I call it, magical), it can become a scarf without looking too bulky. Finally, because it's a complete circle it can be a skirt, shawl, head covering, you name it! Take a look:

Scarf, only wrapped once
Skirt, to mix it up!
For conservative cultures
Shawl, to warm up

The material is extremely soft, so I find myself wrapping this around me when I'm cold more often than my fleece or an actual blanket. The color I have is called "Black Aqua," and somehow it matches everything in my wardrobe. Once again, magical!

As you can see, there are tons of colors available - many of which are on sale for 50% off online, and many of which seem like they could match lots of different colors.

I highly recommend this if you're trying to pack light with versatile wardrobe items.

Click here to buy one for yourself!



I will try to post like this every Wednesday in order to feature all of the great products that are making my life easier for the next nine months. Comment with any recommendations for next week or questions you have about what is in my suitcase!




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