Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"What's in your suitcase?" Wednesday: Black Maxi Skirt

As I was walking around yesterday in The Hague, wearing my amazing black maxi skirt, I suddenly realized that I have joined the ranks of solo female travelers. They're easy to spot - chacos, chambray shirt, maxi skirt, day pack... and usually a confused look on their face as they try to reach their destination. It was an exciting realization, though, because I have always dreamed of being just that! I never thought I could reduce my closet to a suitcase, though.

It's pieces like this that have made that possible. A black (or other neutral) maxi skirt is one of those essentials you should have no matter how much traveling you do. It's comfortable, versatile, and cute! I have worn it so many times already. Somehow it has been perfect for almost any situation - a party, a meeting, a day of touring in Amsterdam. Can't go wrong, really. Read on to see exactly why I love this skirt so much as a part of my travel wardrobe!



I could sleep in this thing. The fabric is extremely soft and does not wrinkle (a big plus for living out of a suitcase!). I've even managed to bike around Amsterdam wearing it! The material is stretchy enough to fit comfortable, but I can wear it multiple times in a row without it stretching out too much.


Versatility is very important to me, since I will be visiting differently countries with varying levels of heat and modesty requirements. What is great about this skirt is that it double as a dress!


It is perfectly breathable for when it's hot outside, but with a layer of leggings or tights underneath it could be warm enough for some of my cooler stops.

I found this skirt at Target, and unfortunately they don't seem to sell them anymore. It is marketed as a convertible skirt, but if you find a skirt with a thick enough waistband, it should as well.

Here are some other similar skirts I looked at before buying, though:

  • Patagonia Kamala Skirt: $69; this one converts in a different way, with thin ties to make it a halter dress - more of a beachy look than I wanted and too far out of my price range
  • Eddie Bauer Aster Skirt: $50; this one's cute if you want a shorter skirt and dress, but with some of the cultures I will be visiting, that just wasn't practical (or affordable)
  • DrySpun Convertible Skirt: $49; this one is even more versatile with the thick ties, but a little too pricey for my tight budget - the quick drying is definitely a plus though, since I have to let mine dry for about 24 hours
  • Hanes Convertible Skirt: $23; this one is the most similar to what I have - very affordable, comes in multiple colors, easily converts, but probably takes a long time to dry as well


Ah yes, very important. First of all, a long black skirt is extremely flattering on almost anyone. Second, I have found so many ways to make this skirt into the look I want. Here's just a sampling:


I'm tempted to say this is my favorite piece in my suitcase. Now to just figure out how to fit this adorable accessory into my luggage next time:

Comment with any questions you have or versatile pieces you have found! I would love to hear them.





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Bryanna Jew said...

Stop it! You're a gorgeous model! I have the most beautiful friends! Also since I'm really supposed to be commenting on clothing, I love my black maxi skirt too! I got mine for a dollar at a thrift shop!